These are posix ports of some recent versions of Toga II. They have been reported to work on Linux, MACOSX and BSD.


Some linux binaries


Toga II is a Fruit 2.1 derivative. Fruit 2.1 is licensed under the GPL v2 or later. The same applies to these ports.


Fabien Letouzey (Fruit 2.1), Thomas Gaksch (Toga II), Daniel Shawul (egbb code), Chris Formula (SE enhancements), Jerry Donald (JD enhancements).



More stuff

Here is an experimental version of Toga II 1.4.1SE which allows you to set the number of threads at arbitrary times (it compiles fine in Linux and Windows). Cyclone and Deep Learning Toga are other versions with this capability. This feature is required to make Toga compatible with the upcoming "cores = N" command in Polyglot (the "cores=N" command is part of the new winboard protocol specification at

Here is roughly how to change the number of threads in Toga II 1.4.1SE.

Other Fruit/Toga derivatives

IMPORTANT: Cyclone is a fork of Toga II 1.4b5 which has been relicensed under the GPL 3. Code from Cyclone cannot be reused in Fruit/Toga which is GPL 2+.


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